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Vietto hand knitted forest green scarf

In shops and fashion markets, customers sometimes ask, why Vietto products are so expensive. The short answer is that Finnish work costs. But do products really cost a lot and where to compare prices?  

The starting point for Vietto is that all products are manufactured in Finland. Also fabrics used in clothes are predominantly knit in Finland. Although the Finnish origin increases costs, it is the best way to guarantee ethical and responsible production at the highest possible level. Local manufacture also helps to save materials and make the production more ecological. Delivery quantities and storages are small, so the products are made only due to demand. Some products, such as the hand printed Urban Art deco dress, are made only when ordered by a customer. In addition, co-operation with local sewers makes it easier to use the fabrics most efficiently, for example by using leftover from the production of large garments in the manufacture of small garments.

Because products are not stored in large quantities, there is no need to have big seasonal sales. This is taken into account in pricing, and there are very limited opportunities to reduce the prices. Some people wonder why Vietto does not have sale offers. In reality, prices are already bargained so that as many customers as possible could acquire a Vietto dress or cardigan at any time. However, Vietto organises occasional campaigns, where products can be found at small 10–20 % discount. Furthermore, Vietto arranges stock sales twice a year selling last pieces and samples at very reasonable prices.  

If you compare Vietto products to other Finnish labels, you can notice that Vietto’s prices are in fact more affordable than many others. This is explained by the lack of discount margin in the prices. You can always buy a Vietto product without needing to worry that the same garment would cost only half the price next week. This can reduce the temptation to do impulse shopping just because of low prices. Because of the small margins in the cost structure, Vietto has not been able to offer its products in chain stores. Vietto clothes and accessories are available at Vietto web shop and selected retailers.    

New Vietto website is now published.

New Vietto website and shop has been launched, only a few weeks before the brand’s 12th anniversary! Yay! Now Vietto web shop is totally integrated with the web pages as earlier shop used to be one link click away. So now it’s super easy to pop in the online shop and check the season’s collections! And the most important thing is that Vietto website is now bilingual, the whole content is available both in Finnish and in English! Hurray!

Web shop has many payment options. Checkout Finland offers numerous payment options including Finnish bank services. Credit card payments are offered via Stripe. You can also pay via PayPal without having to enter your credit card details on the website. More information about shipping, returns and other details about web shop can be found at Terms of use -page.

Why to shop at Vietto web shop? One good reason is the broad selection. Vietto web shop can offer a whole lot of larger selection of garments compared to other retailers. There are always some extra pieces that are not available anywhere else, such as hand knitted accessories for example. Another significant benefit is free shipping in Finland. All purchases in Finland are shipped without cost via Finnish post. Happy shopping at the newly launched website and shop!

Every now and then we hear that Vietto delivery times are way too long. Shipping time has been defined for 10 days at our webstores, though it almost never take so long. But what is the reason for slowness?

Vietto does not have big stock of products, they are made to demand little by little. This is really ecologic as additional garments are not made. This is the main reason why Vietto does not have big sales like -50 to -70% but that’s a another story! Because stock is small, by times we get orders for products that do not exist and we make them afterwards. For example Urban Art deco dresses are rarely ready made as there are numerous colour options for them. They’re quite laborious to make too because of the printing process. The whole way of doing is possible because most of the Vietto’s products are made in Helsinki, at small dressmaker’s studio Ompelimo M.Suvinen in Malminkartano.

Logistic chain is as short as it can be, so the shipping normally delays only by one day even if we make the garment after order. Another reason for long delivery time is the fact that both Vietto and Ompelimo M.Suvinen are one woman businesses. If one or another (or worst case scenario both!) are for example sick, it makes delays for making and shipping. Luckily this happens rarely! If shipping time or anything else is bothering you, please contact Vietto at info(at)vietto.fi, we will solve it out!

The origin of clothing and the conditions of production have  delightfully attracted increased attention during last years. In addition to use of ecological materials, there is a growing interest on other parts of sustainability as well.

Responsible production has been a basis for Vietto from the very start of a label, since 2007 when Vietto was founded. Products are designed to keep their attractiveness and last long in use, both esthetically and physically. In the early days, Vietto used mostly upcycled materials, and they still play a certain role in the production. As the business has increased, also other sources of ethical materials have been introduced.

All Vietto products are manufactured entirely in Finland. Most of the garments are sewn in small series as atelier work in Malminkartano, Helsinki. Subcontractor is dressmaker’s shop named Ompelimo M.Suvinen, where machines run with wind power. Vietto clothing is also sewn by a small company called Sik-Sak Tupa in Hattula.

The production chain of Vietto is completely transparent and production will be kept in Finland also in the case of expanding business. Short delivery distances and good relationships with retailers guarantee the flexibility. Delivery quantities are small, so the products are made only due to demand. Vietto is also able to fulfil customers’ hopes for little changes in measurements or other small modifications.

Minna Kaartinen, the designer of Vietto and dressmaker Maarit Suvinen in Fashion Revolution campaign picture.

Most of the organic cotton, bamboo/lycra and different kind of merino wool knits that Vietto uses are from Orneule. Merino wool is mulesing-free which means that it’s more ethical from the point of view of animal welfare.

Significant part of the materials consists of Finnish textile industry surplus fabrics. Those fabrics have been left over in clothing industry’s former production and are often too small amounts to be used in a bigger scale production. Vietto has found inventive ways to use left over fabrics and this has decreased the need to use totally new material.

So far, the only fabric that comes from abroad is the 100% hemp. The most ecological type of hemp, mechanically processed hemp fiber, is produced in Romania.

The brand new fibers based on recycled and cellulose materials are developing quickly and advancements are followed with big excitement. Vietto is ready to take new ecological materials into the production as soon as they appear in the market.

Vietto collection includes many different print products that have their very own distinctive style. Prints have got their inspiration e.g. from architecture, art and nature. Prints are designed by Minna Kaartinen in collaboration with Nina Kaartinen.

At the moment, all the prints are produced by Vietto using foil print method. Print is cut very precisely from the foil and then it’s pressed to the fabric with heat and pressure. This method allows vibrant colours and is also economical in material use. The foil material is made in France. Prints have proven to be very durable in use.

Recent consumer reports tell that there´s growing demand for domestic made clothes and textiles in Finland. While biggest Finnish fashion brands like Marimekko, Luhta and Reima have taken their production to other countries after cost efficiency and labour force, it has offered position for small labels to respond to the consumers request.

Vietto´s production has been 100% Finnish since the brand started in 2007.  This year production capacity has grown since Vietto teamed up with a new subcontractor PaaPii Design. At the moment Vietto`s clothes are partly made in Kokkola in a clothing factory which employs ten people. Short delivery distances, transparency of the production methods and supporting Finnish employment are corner stones for Vietto as an ecological and sustainable fashion brand.

Consumers thrive to know where their clothes are made. This growing trend has created opportunities for PaaPii Design and other Finnish clothing factories to open new sites. While searching for a new subcontractor it became evident that it is not an easy task. Some of the inquiries did not even get a response. Co operation with PaaPii however started swiftly and the new line “Longing for distance” is a perfect example of the Finnish knowhow that the article in Helsingin Sanomat recently presented.

PaaPii design’s factory in Kokkola is producing Vietto’s new collection.