Here you can find material care instructions for most common materials in Vietto products. If there’s for example the care label missing for some reason in your garment, you can always check the instructions here. There’s also some more detailed advices for caring some materials like merino wool knit. There might be some fabrics that are textile industry leftover which exact fiber content is unknown, then washing in 30 degrees and ironing with one dot is always safe. Vietto is not normally using materials that can’t be washed with water except wool blends. They are better hand washed carefully.

100 % merino wool

Wash 30 degrees, iron with one dot, no tumble dry. Reshape when damp

Clothing made of merino wool knit do not need to be washed very often, airing them out is proper way of fresh them up. When washing up is needed, carefully hand wash or use hand wash or wool wash program of your washing machine with max 30oC water temperature. Use detergent meant for wool and silk.

After washing shape the knit for its measurements and lay flat to dry. Iron with one dot temperature (max 110°C).

Friction may cause bobbles to the surface of a soft wool knit. They can be removed by hand, carefully with cashmire comb or bobble remover, and then iron the knit with steam. Bobbles may occur first, but they lessens over time.

96 % Bamboo 4% Lycra

Wash 30 degrees, iron with one dot, no tumble dry.

100 % organic cotton

Wash 40 degrees, iron with two dots, no tumble dry. Reshape when damp. May shrink max 5%, more on the length.

100 % Linen

Wash 60 degrees, iron with two or even three dots, no tumble dry.

Iron white linen with two dots, three dots heat may turn fabric brownish. It’s recommendable to iron linen damp. You may reduce washing temperature to 40 degrees.