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Vietto stock sales will take place again on Saturday 19th of November at Ompelimo M. Suvinen in Malminkartano, Helsinki. After few years having only online events it’s time to have a real stock sales again! Open hours are 11 to 16. Samples, colour series last pieces and mildly second quality garments will be sold at lowered prices. Come and make some real bargain finds! There will be also some stock sales selection available at Outlet category at web shop.

Come to explore Finnish design at suburb, by train you’ll arrive in 15 minutes from Helsinki city center. Ompelimo M. Suvinen is located at Kehruutie 1 LH 4, Helsinki. Malminkartano is very easy to reach by Ring Rail line (P or I train depending which direction approached). Ompelimo M. Suvinen lies at the northern end of Malminkartano railway station tunnel.

If you are ordering Vietto garments for Christmas present, please make your order on time, not later than 16th of December. Our great dressmaker Ompelimo M. Suvinen starts Christmas leave for two weeks and it’s well earned. Vietto does not have large stock of products ready made so it’s highly probable that your order will be made to order. Luckily we have gift cards, you can order them even on the last minute as they are delivered via e-mail!

Peaceful Christmas time for everyone! ❤️

After a while, Vietto is participating one sales event before Christmas, Stromfors Iron mill Christmas 2021 in Ruotsinpyhtää. As we are still having a global pandemia, the big events in Helsinki didn’t feel like a good idea. It would still be nice to meet customers in some lovely Christmas event and Stromfors Iron mill Christmas surely is such! It’s worth a visit from a bit further, the place is very charming old iron mill with wonderful old buildings and absolutely beautiful milieu. There’s also delightful Christmas decoration all over!

Stromfors Iron mill Christmas event will be open at Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of December from 10 am to 3 pm. Stromfors Iron mill is only about an hour away from Helsinki, and Loviisa, Porvoo, Kotka, Hamina and Kouvola are even more near. More information about the event in Finnish here: Strömforsin ruukin joulu 2021

Vietto stock sale will be arranged from 25th to 30th November this autumn. Stock sale will be online event only at Vietto webshop, let’s see if the situation is better for meeting personally next spring. Vietto stock sale is a perfect opportunity to make great finds as there will be loads of samples, last pieces and mildly second quality garments at very friendly prices. There will be own section for stock sale pieces so it’s easy to browse them. Selection will be updated during the event so it’s a good idea to check the selection more than once. There has been some lagging problems in the webshop earlier during the stock sale events because of huge amount of visitors so that is also a reason for updating the selection during the event. Many products are available only in very small batches so it’s better to grab your finds quickly, they might sell out soon!