Sustainable marketplace Weecos organizes digital fair for ethical and ecological design for the first time and they will be huge! There will be over 100 design brands, including Vietto. The fair starts on Thursday 28th of May at 12 o’clock. The event will be held at Facebook group where all the brands will present their products and offers. It really worth to joint the group here:

The fair offers will be available at Weecos:

Vietto hand knitted forest green scarf

In shops and fashion markets, customers sometimes ask, why Vietto products are so expensive. The short answer is that Finnish work costs. But do products really cost a lot and where to compare prices?  

The starting point for Vietto is that all products are manufactured in Finland. Also fabrics used in clothes are predominantly knit in Finland. Although the Finnish origin increases costs, it is the best way to guarantee ethical and responsible production at the highest possible level. Local manufacture also helps to save materials and make the production more ecological. Delivery quantities and storages are small, so the products are made only due to demand. Some products, such as the hand printed Urban Art deco dress, are made only when ordered by a customer. In addition, co-operation with local sewers makes it easier to use the fabrics most efficiently, for example by using leftover from the production of large garments in the manufacture of small garments.

Because products are not stored in large quantities, there is no need to have big seasonal sales. This is taken into account in pricing, and there are very limited opportunities to reduce the prices. Some people wonder why Vietto does not have sale offers. In reality, prices are already bargained so that as many customers as possible could acquire a Vietto dress or cardigan at any time. However, Vietto organises occasional campaigns, where products can be found at small 10–20 % discount. Furthermore, Vietto arranges stock sales twice a year selling last pieces and samples at very reasonable prices.  

If you compare Vietto products to other Finnish labels, you can notice that Vietto’s prices are in fact more affordable than many others. This is explained by the lack of discount margin in the prices. You can always buy a Vietto product without needing to worry that the same garment would cost only half the price next week. This can reduce the temptation to do impulse shopping just because of low prices. Because of the small margins in the cost structure, Vietto has not been able to offer its products in chain stores. Vietto clothes and accessories are available at Vietto web shop and selected retailers.    

Vietto & Tytti Lindström designpikkujoulut lauantaina 14.12.2019 klo 11 - 17 Pasilassa

Tytti Lindström and Vietto will organize cozy design pre X-mas party at Pasila’s Old Roundhouse at Tytti’s jewellery studio. Come and get the loveliest jewellery pieces and warmest knits for yourself or for present straight from the designers. Or you can come just hang around and feel the calm X-mas vibe and have a cup of glogg! Both brand’s all products are for -10% discount during the event. Welcome!

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Shopping clothes online can sometimes be tricky, you never know if they fit or not. At Vietto web shop, we try to give the necessary measurements of garments, which should make it easier to find the right size. It’s a good idea to compare the measurements with a similar type of clothing you already have. However, different kinds of fabrics may fit differently, even though the measurements are the same. For example different elasticity, drape and also thickness may change the fit dramatically.

Would you prefer trying on the garments beforehand to make sure they fit? In Helsinki, it’s possible as many Vietto garments are sewn there at dressmaker’s shop called Ompelimo M.Suvinen. It’s also possible to make custom fit garments if needed. So how it works? You may do your shopping normally at Vietto web shop and then send an e-mail telling that you would like to use our fitting service. It’s important to notice that Ompelimo M.Suvinen is not Vietto’s showroom, so clothing is not permanently there. That’s why you need to tell us what garments you’d like to try, what sizes and when. We will take care that the exact pieces are available when you show up. The dressmaker’s shop is located in Malminkartano area in Helsinki. It’s easy to reach for example by train P and I. Travel time is 15 minutes from Helsinki city center. The shop is open at weekdays from 10 to 18 o’clock. Please don’t hesitate to contact and visit us, if you’re travelling in Helsinki or live nearby!

Photo: Salla Klemettilä | Bella Photo Model: Silja Konttinen

Vietto stock sales will take place on Saturday 9th of November at Ompelimo M. Suvinen in Malminkartano, Helsinki. Samples, colour series last pieces and mildly second quality garments will be sold at bargain prices. There will be also pieces of new collection, classics and special products available with discounts. We have also visiting jewellery brand Ninavia from Kuopio showcasing delicately graphic jewellery made of Finnish birch plywood. A special feature in Ninavia’s jewellery is hand drawn lively line.

Come to explore Finnish design at suburb, by train you’ll arrive in 15 minutes from Helsinki city center! Ompelimo M. Suvinen is located at Kehruutie 1 LH 4, Helsinki. Malminkartano is very easy to reach by Ring Rail line (P or I train depending which direction approached). Ompelimo M. Suvinen lies at the northern end of Malminkartano railway station tunnel.

No worries if you’re not able to come around, Vietto stock sales will be at web shop, too! It’s going to last the whole weekend at Vietto-shop!

Check out Facebook event for detailed information!

Vietto Korpi pocket cardigan is super warm piece of clothing! Model: Piritta Lehtinen

Merino wool is super comfy material in the winter time. Knit is soft and not itchy, and even thin merino wool knit is warm. Vietto is using Finnish made 100% mulesing free merino wool knit made by Orneule. However, merino wool is slightly delicate material and it needs a bit care to stay beautiful.

Generally speaking, the softer the knit the more delicate it is. Friction may cause bobbles to the surface of a soft wool knit. It’s recommendable to avoid rough materials in frequent contact with knit like handbag straps, jeans rivets and such. Bobbles can be removed carefully by hand, with cashmire comb or electronic bobble remover. After mechanical lint removal it’s suggested to iron the knit with steam. Bobbles may occur first, but their number decreases.

Clothing made of merino wool knit do not need to be washed very often, airing them out is proper way of fresh them up. When washing up is needed, carefully hand wash or use hand wash or wool wash program of your washing machine with max 30oC water temperature. Use detergent meant for wool and silk. Vietto merino wool knits are designed in a way that decreases the urge for washing. Sleeves are pretty loose around the armpit, so the knit is not contacted in that area. With adequate care merino wool knits stay beautiful over time and they are always lovely to wear!

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