Every now and then we hear that Vietto delivery times are way too long. Shipping time has been defined for 10 days at our webstores, though it almost never take so long. But what is the reason for slowness?

Vietto does not have big stock of products, they are made to demand little by little. This is really ecologic as additional garments are not made. This is the main reason why Vietto does not have big sales like -50 to -70% but that’s a another story! Because stock is small, by times we get orders for products that do not exist and we make them afterwards. For example Urban Art deco dresses are rarely ready made as there are numerous colour options for them. They’re quite laborious to make too because of the printing process. The whole way of doing is possible because most of the Vietto’s products are made in Helsinki, at small dressmaker’s studio Ompelimo M.Suvinen in Malminkartano.

Logistic chain is as short as it can be, so the shipping normally delays only by one day even if we make the garment after order. Another reason for long delivery time is the fact that both Vietto and Ompelimo M.Suvinen are one woman businesses. If one or another (or worst case scenario both!) are for example sick, it makes delays for making and shipping. Luckily this happens rarely! If shipping time or anything else is bothering you, please contact Vietto at info(at)vietto.fi, we will solve it out!